"A kitchen without a knife is no kitchen."

Masaharu Morimoto

The Kiritsuke, the master's blade

Because you're not just a boss. And because you need a stunning cutting companion. Okoutō presents its favorite collection: The Kiritsuke

Rediscover the pleasure of cooking

Need a complete series of Damascus knives to make the greatest jealous?

The Okoutō Black Damas™ series is for you.

Chef's Knife Kiritsuke Damascus Seibā

Looking for the knife that will make you an unstoppable chef who won't back down from any horde of unleashed food?

Enjoy your first samurai cutout with the Kiritsuke Damas Seiba .

Kiritsuke Black Damas™ Red Shogun Edition

Ready to take it to the next level with a chef's knife that's as remarkable as it is fearsome?

Discover the red shogun kiritsuke from the Black Damas™ series!

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