Damascus Blade Kitchen Knives

If you are interested in kitchen knives and particularly Japanese kitchen knives, you have certainly heard of damascus steel knives.

Resulting mainly from a remarkable traditional Japanese know-how, knives with damask steel blades are today more and more used and very appreciated by the general public.

What is Damascus steel?

Japanese kitchen knives, whether high-end or mid-range, can be made of different steels and have different blade structures.

One of the best known and most famous steels in the field of Japanese cutlery is the so-called damascus steel or damask steel .

Damascus steel actually refers to a composition of different steels made up of several grades of steel welded and forged in order to obtain complex patterns.

Damascus japanese kitchen knife

In addition to the very pleasant aesthetic and singular aspect that this steel brings to the blade, it generally gives it a cutting power superior to other classic steel knives.

Why does damascus steel have a higher cutting power?

Quite simply because unlike a simple, satin-finish blade, the damascus blade undergoes more numerous and more advanced polishing steps.

This process thus gives it a much finer and sharper blade profile, because a blade with a finer edge will necessarily cut better than a blade with a thicker edge.

All these polishing steps also give the blade a smoother appearance and also serve to reveal the original and unique patterns of the damask.

This is the reason why a kitchen knife with a damascus blade will provide a feeling and a superior cutting life and will often be more expensive than its equivalent with a classic blade.

Aspects of damascus steel blades

Although the most common shape of the patterns found on a damask blade are waves or patterns resembling small spots or clouds, the possible patterns on a damask blade are still very numerous : simple shapes such as parallel lines , round, waves, squares or elaborate patterns like drawings ... All this will of course depend on the skill of the producer and the types of steel used .

seiba damask kitchen knife

Advantages of a damascus blade:

  • It gives the knife an original and unique appearance: a true work of art, the patterns of Damascus steel are particularly appreciated by lovers of beautiful knives.
  • It is more resistant : the imperfections of the steel are distributed over the entire blade, in order to weaken them and thus give the blade greater resistance.
  • It offers a superior quality of cut because it is harder and its cutting edge finer and more efficient.
japanese knife damask rose des sables

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You will find excellent damask knives among our collection of Chef's Knives , Santoku or even kiritsuke ... Just as you will also find excellent models entirely hand-made by experienced blacksmiths among our collection of Knives Crafts. By buying a damascus steel knife , you are giving your kitchen a little masterpiece!

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