Kiritsuke Knives

The Master's Blade

Akin to the European chef's knife, the Japanese Kiritsuke knife is a hybrid design that combines features of usubas (vegetable knives) and Japanese yanagibas (used to slice raw fish for sushi). The kiritsuke knife is a versatile kitchen knife for general use, it is often reserved for the great chef in Japanese cuisine.

Great when used and pleasant to look at, the Kiritsuke Japanese kitchen knife will transform all of your daily cooking tasks (cutting meat, vegetables and fish, slicing and slicing, etc.) into real games of pleasure. Indeed, the kiritsuke knife allows you to be comfortable on many different foods. In Japan, according to tradition, it is a multi-function chef's knife that only great chefs can use. Whether your kiritsuke is made of damascus steel or high carbon steel, it will bring you complete satisfaction in the kitchen, provided you treat it with care.