Japanese Favorite Steel: VG10 Steel

Japanese steel V-Gold-10

You have certainly already heard of this essential steel of Japanese cutlery that has become a reference in the world of kitchen knives.

It is considered by lovers of beautiful blades as an exceptional material and is even called V-Gold in English or V-Kin-10 in Japanese (kin means "gold").

You guessed it, we are obviously talking about VG10 steel , the premium 3-layer steel created by the Japanese company TAKEFU which revolutionized the world of Japanese cutlery.

Did you know that among the many qualities of this exceptional steel there is the fact that it is both stainless (which makes it resistant to corrosion and humidity) and rich in carbon (which increases hardness, edge life and wear resistance)?

We now find VG10 steel in different forms: in its classic 3-layer form, but also in damascus steel knives (with a VG10 core covered with superimposed layers of high and low carbon steel to provide beauty and high strength).

We will therefore find:

  • Classic VG10 steel blade in 3 layers
  • VG10 steel core and 32-layer Damascus (for exceptional aesthetics)
  • VG10 64-layer Damascus steel core for a more precise and even more elegant result.

Advantages of VG10 steel:

  • Stainless
  • High carbon content (therefore solidity and sharpness clearly superior to the average blade on the market)
  • Exceptional versatility
  • Doesn't require a lot of maintenance
  • Elegant (especially in damask version)
  • efficient

WARNING: You will still have to wash your knife by hand, wipe it after washing and do not leave it in the sink for too long.

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