The Japanese kitchen knife, for quality cutting and a sublime edge

Why do great chefs particularly like Japanese kitchen knives ?

What are the particularities and specificities of Japanese knives such as santoku , gyuto or even nakiri ?

A true art and pillar of cooking in Japan, Japanese kitchen knives are increasingly used in Europe by chefs and cooking enthusiasts who are looking for the sharpest and most efficient kitchen tools, and which allow them to make a Effortless professional work .

Different from European chef's knives, Japanese knives generally have a thinner and sharper blade, and obtain exceptional cutting properties thanks to their construction in high quality and very hard steels.

In return, the blade of these knives must be maintained with care, which is why it is always preferable to sharpen it on a water whetstone.

Beauty combined with efficiency

Japanese kitchen knives are not only efficient and strong, but in the majority of cases they are also very pretty to look at, especially when the blade is covered with a wonderful damascus steel. or that the handle is made of elegant and quality wood.

The alliance of beauty and performance therefore makes the use of these "jewels" really pleasant and brings a touch of sublime pleasure which also makes them perfect gifts.

a knife sitting on a wooden cutting board

How to choose your Japanese knife: Gyuto, Santoku, Nakiri

There is a wide variety of Japanese kitchen knives, we can almost say that for each type of food to be cut there is an appropriate knife. The choice of knife is therefore made according to its use. We will see three of them for the moment:

The Santoku or Multi Purpose Knife: it is certainly the best known of the Japanese knives, it is used by Japanese chefs as our cooks use the European chef's knife.

Santoku means 3 virtues, because it is used for meat as well as for vegetables or fish. It can be used for most culinary activities and allows for slicing, chopping and chopping.

The Gyuto Chef's Knife: This is the Japanese chef's knife inspired by the European chef's knife that we know, ideal for cutting, slicing and chopping all meats and large vegetables. Its fine blade provides great precision when cutting, it will serve you for most of your kitchen activities.

The Nakiri for Fruits and Vegetables: The Nakiri is a Japanese kitchen knife used especially for cutting fruits and vegetables. It's slim, sharp and makes it easy to let your creativity run free. Japanese cooks are particularly fond of it.

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